Saturday, March 7, 2009

War Child 'Heroes' - Amazon click-tease

I heard someone mention the new War Child benefit compilation was out this week and figured I'd grab it from eMusic with this month's credits last night.

I enjoyed "Help: A Day in the Life" so much I really didn't even look to see who was on Heroes, or what tracks were included. I was looking for immediate gratification, but I had no idea how elusive it would be.

eMusic claimed ignorance. Their search didn't even admit to having the Help: album I downloaded from them. 

Next, I went to the Canadian site to see where they'd point me - Maplemusic. I really want to support Maplemusic, but I don't really want to kill any plastic CD trees and I don't want to wait or pay for shipping. They wanted about $10+ $3 or $4 shipping, plus I'd have to wait, then rip the CD. High PITA. Maplemusic, please do mp3s!

Then I went to, I found Heroes but again only as a CD. $9+~$5 shipping I think.

Really hoping to find an MP3 download, I checked They had it, $9US and free digital shipping! I threw the album in my shopping cart and heading for the digital door - I was in business! But first I had to login to my account (with a Canadian shipping address; this is foreshadowing...), accept a license, and download their helper software.  I got it all installed and to celebrate they offered me a free track to test out the software.

Woo hoo! I gratefully clicked 'download now' and got the error dialog above. "We don't like Canadian downloaders in these parts. Vamoose!". 

Did they not know that 4 or 5 steps earlier in the process? Fail.

I went back to the site tonight to try again, and now they're not mentioning Maplemusic, but instead iTunes and are featured. First, I'm not interested in buying any music from iTunes. Second, why is the Canadian War Child site pointing me to Been there, couldn't do that!

Why do they make this stuff so painful? Maybe they're trying to tell me I'm supposed to grab the music from a torrent and just make a donation to War Child.

To top it off, now the War Child site is auto-playing clips. The Lily Allen remake of a fav Clash song Straight to Hell is making me want this album even more.

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