Saturday, July 19, 2008

Polaris Prize PEI Road Trip Mixtape Special!

CBC Radio 3 is on another tear with their summer lineup of podcasts.

The Polaris Prize shortlist edition is a keeper. I've got 4 of the albums on it already, and will likely have more of them soon. For me so far its Stars or Kathleen Edwards. For my youngest it's Caribou all the way.

The Polaris Prize is awarded to a Canadian album released in the last year, and selection is based on artistic merit, not sales. Selection is by music industry pundits. Full disclosure: I am not a pundit.

Polaris Prize Shortlist MP3

Then the summer roadtrip mixtape special tradition continues with another spectacular mix. Almost no talking, just a quick interruption in the middle to change sides and hear a road trip disaster story from Grant involving flip flops the footwear, flip flops of a gastric nature, a cop, and a breathalyzer.

2008 Mix Tape MP3

We'll be putting it on continuous loop along with the 2007 and 2006 editions on our trip to PEI.

2007 Mix Tape MP3

2006 Mix Tape

Go on, give them a listen. They sound pretty good even when you're not in the car.


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