Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"GrandCentral Me"

[Edit 2: Based on a few confused calls, I need to clarify that I don't work for Google, and Google have disabled GrandCentral invites. I'd really like to be able to help you get your own GrandCentral number, but I can't. Since I'm Canadian, I'll say sorry.]

[Edit: GrandCentral have that 'Keep my number private' thing checked by default. If you leave it checked, you show up as 'Unknown' and you'll be filtered out of my day.]

The Basics:
Type in your name and the phone number you'd like to talk to me from. When you click submit GrandCentral will call you first on the number you provided, then call me on one or more of my phones. No charge to you. No charge to me. Gotta love Google.

The Backstory:
Last year I was hearing a lot about a "one phone number" VOIP service called GrandCentral. I was intrigued but figured it couldn't last so it wasn't worth signing up. Then I saw Google bought them and quickly signed up before invites closed.

It's only marginally useful since they don't have Ottawa numbers to choose from, but I can put up these 'Call Me' buttons that allow you to set up a call from a number of your choice to me. Free. From anywhere. You can also call me direct from a real phone with the service, but I don't think I'll put that number up here...

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