Monday, April 21, 2008

Zimbabwe: Olympic Torch Relay Returning To Africa?

Could this boat have the Olympic Torch Relay entourage hidden in one of the containers?

It seems certain whatever is in the hold is intended to ignite something.

When I was a kid we went to the Ontario Science Center in Toronto pretty regularly.
They had a simple forest fire-fighting simulation game. Graphics were REALLY simple back then kids, so the fire started as a single square in the middle of the screen and spread to surrounding squares. You could build firewalls by bulldozing swaths of squares, water bomb areas, etc.

You soon learned that if you immediately dropped a water bomb on the single square you won. If you missed it, you were toast and the whole forest burned down.

That boat reminds me a little of that single square of fire - kudos to the dock workers for refusing to unload the weapons. A beacon of sanity!

At some point the world missed it's chance to waterbomb the single square in Darfur and Rwanda. Let's not miss it again.

China shouldn't be allowed to play with fire - someone take that torch away!

Mugabe orders partial recount as boat containing regime's 77 tonnes of Chinese arms is marooned off South African coast

From This is Zimbabwe:

Enquiries over the contents of a cargo of arms aboard the An Yue Jiang have sparked a media frenzy, however various government departments have declined to comment over the ship and its cargo.

Noseweek editor Martin Welz told Sapa on Wednesday that “the cargo ship was openly delivering a containment of arms for Zimbabwe”.

He said that he had copies of all the documents.

The controversial cargo packed into 3 080 cases includes three million rounds of 7.62mm bullets (used in the AK47 assault rifle), 69 Rocket Propelled Grenades as well as mortar bombs and tubes.

Chinese troops are on the streets of Zimbabwean city, witnesses say

By Ian Evans in Cape Town
Saturday, 19 April 2008

Chinese troops have been seen on the streets of Zimbabwe's third largest city, Mutare, according to local witnesses. They were seen patrolling with Zimbabwean soldiers before and during Tuesday's ill-fated general strike called by the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

Earlier, 10 Chinese soldiers armed with pistols checked in at the city's Holiday Inn along with 70 Zimbabwean troops.

One eyewitness, who asked not to be named, said: "We've never seen Chinese soldiers in full regalia on our streets before. The entire delegation took 80 rooms from the hotel, 10 for the Chinese and 70 for Zimbabwean soldiers."

Officially, the Chinese were visiting strategic locations such as border posts, key companies and state institutions, he said. But it is unclear why they were patrolling at such a sensitive time. They were supposed to stay five days, but left after three to travel to Masvingo, in the south.

China's support for President Mugabe's regime has been highlighted by the arrival in South Africa of a ship carrying a large cache of weapons destined for Zimbabwe's armed forces. Dock workers in Durban refused to unload it.

Dock workers and police send China arms ship packing from South African port

The South African government gave customs clearance for the weapons, which include more than three million rounds of AK-47 rifle ammunition, 1500 rocket-propelled grenades and more than 3000 mortar rounds and launchers.

But Randall Howard, general secretary of the South African Transport and Allied Workers Union (Satawu), to which the Durban dockers belong, warned: "As far as we are concerned, the containers will not be offloaded. The ship must return to China. If they the Mbeki government bring replacement labour to do the work, our members will not stand and look at them and smile."

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