Monday, April 14, 2008

Under New Management

This morning's commute was lightened by a truck delivering some signs. The sign I could see reminded me of Seth Godin's post on the negatives of "Under New Management" signs.

"If I liked your store before, now I'm on notice to be careful--it might not be as good.
If I didn't like your store before, why on earth am I paying attention to your little sign and why should I go out of my way to take another chance?
This is a vivid symbol of the ego-centric nature of most marketing. The sign is about the owner, not about the prospect."

Maybe the bar owner had read the post, because they had a definite message for the prospect. I don't have a camera phone, so I'll just have to type in what it said:

"Under New Management. Colder Beer."

It didn't include the name of the bar, otherwise I might be there now!

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