Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spammer shamelessly exploits young girls with customized hockey mats

Hi Alaina,
Not sure if you 'bought' access to this OGHA girls hockey team mailing list, but every time you send an email through it you are building your reputation with me as a spammer. Someone I don't want to do business with.

As far as I recall you haven't asked for or received permission to interrupt my day. Am I wrong? I'll assume you're not officially a sponsor since your name doesn't appear in the sponsors list on the OGHA site.

I'd recommend starting with Seth Godin's books and/or blog to get an understanding of what permission based marketing is about.

Instead of spamming have you thought about improving your search ranking? Google doesn't think you're relevant to Canadian people looking for custom hockey mats and that's very bad for you. Look into 'search engine optimization', soon.

While you're at it, look into Google Adwords too. While I'm wasting my time replying to your email, your competitors have sponsored ads all along the side of this email message in my browser window - you don't show up. Gmail knows I'm reading something about custom hockey mats and they're showing me ads related to that topic.If this was a legitimate conversation about hockey mats and I was interested in buying some, then those ads would be very timely.

I had a look at your web site and I couldn't see any signs of a web analytics tool. For your sake I hope you're on that at least.

The neat thing is, I've BCC'd Andrew Codrington's Unprofessional Blog with this email. If things work as expected two things will happen:
  1. My (admittedly small) readership will see you referred to as spammers, and
  2. Google Adwords will see the term 'custom hockey mats' throughout the blog post and show an ad for one of your competitors beside my blog.
That last link from the term "custom hockey mats" back to my blog was just for kicks. Oops! I did it twice! As a result my blog could very well show up higher than your web site in searches for 'custom hockey mats'. Doh! Just can't stop linking! :-)

You should be able to click through to my blog to see if it worked. I know I will!


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