Saturday, April 26, 2008

Doing the right thing

With so many causes and issues flying around it's pretty easy to find contradictory positions and advice on almost anything.
"Researcher discovers breathing is bad for your health", etc.
I'm going to take on a some issues and causes here to figure out and share what I think is the right thing to do. Not big ones, mostly small ones. No answers today, just a list:

  • Plastic shopping bags - The latest fad is to not use plastic shopping bags for groceries etc, using cloth instead. OK so far, but for years I've been re-using those same plastic bags in the kitchen garbage. If my supply is cut off, and I start using regular plastic garbage bags, is the world any better off? What's the alternative in the kitchen?
  • The kids had $20 lying around from a recent pet sitting gig. They've been donating profits and for Malaria Day yesterday I suggested they buy some nets. Then while explaining the Malaria issue to them I noticed a mention of the nets being diverted for use as overly effective fishing nets. I'm hopeful the nets are really a 'net' positive but will do more research. We donated the nets anyway.

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