Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Commuting with economists

Despite Ottawa suffering from both low density and sprawl my commute is only about 1/2 hour. To keep it interesting on Sunday night I sync my iPod Touch with a load of podcasts and listen to them in the car through the week.

The first ones I listen to are almost always from The Economist.

"From the Paper" is a short summary of the in print edition and "The World Next Week" takes a stab at guessing what issues will bubble to the top.

Here's the summary of "From the Paper" for this week:
April 12th 2008
Selections from The Economist
America's recession, a public-relations tip for China, malaria's breakthrough moment, and the Princess Diana inquiry

The World Next Week was obviously recorded before Obama's "bitter" comments as they don't even mention it. The dangers of the crystal ball! Still a good listen.

Their summary notes:
World leaders gather to discuss Iran, the Olympic Torch Relay continues and Gordon Brown visits Washington for talks with George Bush

Both podcasts are highly recommended for fellow commuters!

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